About Phoenix:

Phoenix Center is an independent Palestinian non-profit institution established in correspondence to its responsibility towards Palestinian communities to fulfil their political, economic and social needs by providing services that enable their empowerment on individual, societal, and country level. The center manages to use a combination of data collection methods in order to obtain Quantitative and Qualitative data that reflect the societies opinion. Phoenix center is capable of analyzing such data by converting the data into real material in order to take action. Therefore, the center is capable of implementing all types of research and field studies that achieve the centers vision.

Our Message

Supporting all actors and decision-makers with accurate economic, social and political studies based on scientific and methodological surveys that are transparent, credible and unbiased.

The core values of the Center:


Conducting surveys, public opinion polls, and studies analyzing social and economic policies, and providing advice on them to decision makers and the concerned authorities, independently and impartially, far from any agenda or ideology.


Following clear scientific and methodological practices based on reliable evidence and data to ensure excellence, quality and transparency of the unit outputs.


Create positive change, and work with the competent authorities to adopt policies that positively affect the society.



“We strive to achieve political, economic and social resilience to empower Palestinian communities with human rights and dignity”.


“Empowering positive change through rigorous research, innovative field studies, and community engagement for a sustainable and inclusive future.”

  1. Empowering Positive Change: The center aims to make a positive impact by conducting research and field studies that contribute to the betterment of society and the environment.
  2. Rigorous Research: The center prioritizes high-quality, scientifically sound research to ensure the validity and reliability of its findings.
  3. Innovative Field Studies: The center embraces innovation in its field studies, utilizing cutting-edge methods and technology to gather valuable data and insights.
  4. Community Engagement: The center actively involves local communities and stakeholders in its research process, fostering a collaborative and inclusive approach.
  5. Sustainability: The center is committed to sustainable practices and research that contribute to environmental conservation and long-term viability.

Meet Our Team

Khaled Alyazji