Shared Research Horizons: Phoenix Center and Arab Center Collaboration

Phoenix Center and Arab Center for Research & Policy Studies have partnered in order to cooperate in all research and scientific fields, particularly in the following areas:

  1. Publishing internal position assessments for Gaza that include analytical information, information unknown to the outside world, and points of view that reflect the vision of the center.
  2. Phoenix Center publishes policy analysis and case evaluation papers
  3. Phoenix Center conducts an annual research project with a specific title that includes a study of a specific case or sector in Gaza in depth and within specific outputs. The project shall provide multiple outputs, such as:

Youth Development Initiative

Phoenix Center for Research and Field Studies managed to implement a youth development initiative funded by the European Endowment for Democracy (EED) by empowering youth capacities through multi-interventions.

Activities conducted within the project:

  • Soft skills training
  • Training on writing-publishing fact sheets and policy papers
  • Coach development and building resource capabilities for transferring knowledge
  • Introducing youth for the Palestinian workforce

Reality of women in Gaza Strip